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Time Zone borders map for North America - Daylight Saving time Time Zone borders map for North America - Standard time Time Zone borders map for North America - Year Round Time Zone Borders map of the United States lower 48 - Daylight Saving time Time Zone Borders map of the United States lower 48 - Standard Time Time Zone Borders map of the United States lower 48 - Year Round
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Click these buttons to view alternate maps. Clicking on any map opens it in full resolution, suitable for printing. provides North American time zone data for use in GPS, routing and mapping programs. This can be used in Garmin Basecamp, Garmin Mapsource, Google Maps, Google Earth Microsoft Streets and Trips, and any other software that accepts standard map data.

Data and images are all available via the "Files/Downloads" button on the left navigation bar. data is limited to North America, including time zone data for the United States, Canada, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

We include local exceptions to time zone observance, including Daylight Saving time rules.

Time zone maps are often wrong, because time zone borders and exceptions change periodically. We track all such changes and make sure we are current. Official chages in US time zone borders were made as recently as November 2010.

Wherever there is a difference between official time zone data, and local time zone observance, we try to show both. (More on that in our "exceptions" page).

We intend to keep the data current. In our change log you will see that we keep very current with any changes to North American time zone borders and observance.

The borders presented here includes recent changes in Indiana, North Dakota and Nayarit Mexico. All official changes through 2014 are included.

Then there's Daylight Saving Time.

While most of the North America observes DST, there are significant exceptions. Such as Arizona (except for the Navajo reservation), Hawaii, the Mexican state of Sonora, the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, parts of eastern Quebec, and several smaller entities. Details in the "exceptions" page.

Just like time zone deviations, some DST exceptions are official while others are merely local practice. So be warned.

Hopefully this all helps get you to dinner on time.
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