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Special thanks and credits to those folks and sources who really helped me out with this site:

  • Marc Lewis from, who wrote some javascript code to help me add the maps and the buttons to control them on the home page.
  • Chris Walton, who provided some cutting-edge accurate feedback about Canadian Time Zones, far exceeding the quality available from ANY official source.
  • Hank W, who gave me some great detail about the EU and the Atlantic/Carribean Islands.
  • The contributors to the TZ database, especially founder Arthur David Olson and editor/maintainer Paul Eggert. It's an amazing resource which, for the first time in human history, makes some semblance of continual accuracy practical when addressing matters of global time.
  • The many folks who have contacted me with tidbits about small local exceptions to time zone borders and daylight savings observance.
  • The Microsoft Streets and Trips development team (sniff... we miss you guys!) for making the original suggestion, and helping get the word out once was launched.
  • Marvin Hlavac and the denizens of the Laptop GPS World "Steets and Trips" forum for good feedback.
  • Fatman (nom de guerre) for correcting my misspelling of Jarbidge Nevada.
  • Last but certainly not least thanks very much to those who used the donate button. You rock!

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DO NOT ASSUME ONTIME ZONE BORDERS REFLECT POLITICAL BOUNDARIES. Some political boundaries are complex, with conflicting sources of data and possible ongoing disputes. This is especially true of many Native American lands. OTZ boundaries seek only to show the likely time at a given location, not to indicate anything about the local legal or political authority. Travelers should use other resources to remain mindful of their location when near international boundaries or those of soverign entities, especially those which may be poorly marked or follow geographic features.

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