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Change Log

Version Changes

1.07, 5/2/2013

  • There are no updates, this is just a note to assure users that time zone changes are still being monitored. As of May 2013 no time zone changes have been made or are known to be pending for North America, so our data remains current.
  • Most Data and image files will still reflect v1.06 for the time being.

1.07, (portions pre-released)

  • The 'Exceptions and Oddities' entry about the unusual DST transition time used in Newfoundland (12:01 AM instead of 2:00 AM) has been edited to reflect that effective the November 2011 transition from DST to ST, the Newfies have abandoned that practice and will shift at the same time as the remainder of North Americans who observe DST.

1.06, 7/20/2011

  • Separated the time zone border lines into discrete sections reflecting transitions in DST/ST observance. Previously they were overlaid, with winter/summer (dark blue/light blue) sections overlaid on full-length magenta segments, but Google Maps/Earth do not provide a means of honoring the order of overlay. Time zone borders now display properly in Google Earth and Google maps.
  • For Streets & Trips users, new download options including single border versions for those who prefer to cut & paste borders, and new .gpx files intended only for import into Streets and Trips version 2010 and later. Detailed discussion here
  • Added a Daylight Saving Time border between Mexico and its southern border with Belize and Guatamala. Also several minor corrections to time zone borders within Mexico.
  • Added a time zone exception for the area surrounding Earp California, which observes Mountain time in order to remain in sync with nearby Parker AZ despite being officially in the Pacific time zone. Observed border estimated. (more detail on the "exceptions" page.)
  • Narrowed border lines from 3 pixels to 2.
  • Improved the quality of the map images on the home page and the downloads page.
  • Removed Streets and Trips version 2010 files from the downloads page. Only version 2007 will be provided, since the file format is upwards compatible and users could be using any of several releases of S&T later than 2007.

1.05, 4/5/2011

  • Added a green line fragment to mark the official portion of the time zone border wherever there is a local discrepancy with "observed" time. Currently this is only for the US portions of the North American time zones. More details on the "exceptions" page.
  • Added a time zone exception for Winterhaven California, which observes Mountain time in order to remain in sync with nearby Yuma AZ despite being officially in the Pacific time zone. (more details on the "exceptions" page.
  • Added a time zone exception for Fort Pierre SD and the surrounding area, which observes Central time in order to remain in sync with nearby Pierre SD, despite being officially in the Mountain time zone. More details on the the "exceptions" page.
  • Added clockface images to the print and display files (.jpg's) to indicate the local time at Midnight GMT.
  • Added a legend image to the .kml/.kmz files used in Google Earth and Google Maps.
  • Added Streets & Trips v2007 version to the download page (this change pre-published 3/18/2011)
  • Removed Streets & Trips v2011 version from the download page. 2011 users may open the v2010 version and save in the new format with no problems.
  • Several corrections to the time zone borders within the Nunavut province of Canada. Documentation on some time zone borders in Nunavut is spotty and sometimes contradictory. It is probably very close to accurate now, but as the focus of OnTimeZone is on road travel, we should certainly not be considered an authoritative source for roadless areas.
  • Corrections to the borders of the Peace River area of the British Columbia province of Canada. This is the East Central portion of BC which does not observe daylight saving time.
  • Extended the Atlantic/Eastern time zone border line southwards through the border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and thence to the border of Venezuala and Colombia.

1.04, 2/26/2011

  • Significant restructuring of the .kml/.kmz file formats used in Google Earth and Google Maps. Very easy now to show/hide categories of time zones with just one click.
  • Added jpg files to the list of downloads, for viewing and printing. (Released this change early, before the full 1.04 release)
  • Added Microsoft Streets and Trips version 2011 files to the list of downloads. (Released this change early, before the full 1.04 release.)
  • Removed Delorme format from downloads. Street Atlas users should be able to import .gpx files from the download page.
  • Idaho/Oregon: Many small adjustments and corrections to the Pacific/Mountain time boundary along the Salmon and Snake rivers.
  • Quebec: Listiguj Indian Reservation corrected to show in Atlantic time
  • British Columbia: Many minor corrections to borders of Pacific/Mountain zone.
  • British Columbia: Many adjustments to the East Kootenays Daylight Savings exclusion area.
  • Alaska: Annette Island Indian Reservation near the southern tip of Alaska corrected to reflect observance of Pacific Standard time, and no Daylight Savings observance.
  • Quebec: Eastern border between Eastern/Atlantic time zones adjusted to follow the Natashquan River.
  • Ontario: Adjustments to the time zone exceptions in the Atikokan and other areas just West of Thunder Bay
1.03, 2/6/2011
  • A major update to include Daylight Saving time data.
  • Added boundaries in northeasern Arizona to denote tribal borders where Daylight Savings observance changes - namely the Navajo and Hopi reservations including their various enclaves and exclaves.
  • Shifted time zone border to bring the Nayarit state portion of the Bahia de Banderas area into the Central time zone joining neighboring Peurto Vallarta in the Jalisco state, as per an official change made in April 2010. The border of this adjusted time zone is not specified, so I estimated.
  • Many small adjustments/corrections to multiple time zone borders.
  • Notes and exceptions documentation enhanced significantly.
  • Redesigned the site layout
1.02, 1/20/2011
  • Added the "Pierre & Miquelon Time" zone (near Newfoundland)
  • Narrowed the lines from 4 to 3 pixels
  • Added several new download formats including Google Earth
1.01, 1/19/2011
  • Narrowed the lines from 6 to 4 pixels
  • Added a version label to the S&T maps, in a text box on the South Pole
  • Added a dummy track to the GPX file, labeled with the version number
  • Corrected an error in extreme west Texas, restoring El Paso to Mountain time.
  • Added exceptions for the Nevada towns of Jackpot, Owyhee, Mountain City and the Duck Valley Indian Reservation. All unofficially observe Mountain time though they are officially in the Pacific zone.)
  • Added an exception for the western Oklahoma town of Kenton, which unofficially observes Mountain time though they are officially in the Central zone.
  • Added an exception for the eastern Alabama town of Phenix City, which observes Eastern time, even though they are officially in the Central time zone.
  • Added an exception for the southern Alaska town of Hyder, which unofficially observes Pacific time, even though they are officially in the Alaska time zone.
1.00, 1/18/2011 Initial Release

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